About 2,000 citizens live in or near the town of Bayfield, and it’s where Pine River Shares main headquarters is too. Our office is at the corner of Mountain View and Bayfield Center avenues, just east of the library. Here, community leaders gather regularly to design programs that help residents thrive.

Activities centered in Bayfield include:

— Community dinners open to everyone; we are just about to have our fourth year anniversary!
— The BK4K Backpack program that sends weekend food home with elementary students,
— Freecycle clothing available for everyone, and
— Seasonal events and programs that promote good health and fun for all who want to join in.

Our activities in Bayfield are open to all, no matter where they live.

If you have an idea you want to share or see a need you would like to address, come join us in our brainstorming sessions! You’ll meet a positive, welcoming, can-do team interested in what you have to say. Call our office to find out about meetings: 970-884-4747.

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