everyone has something to share


The Pine River Valley

is rich in knowledge, skills, and resources


The people affected by a problem are the most qualified to solve it


Communities are stronger when we connect with each other


When everyone shares

no one goes without

Pine River Shares is a community-based leadership project that brings together the knowledge, skills and resources of people in the Pine River Valley to increase our collective power and bring about positive social change resulting in healthy, thriving Pine River Valley communities.

Pine River Shares is working to create  a healthy independent food system in the Pine River Valley. Our Field2Fork project  is mobilizing the residents and communites of the Pine River Valley to produce, buy and consume healthy food from right here.


Take a look at our collective vision of a healthy Pine River Valley food system created by over 125 residents.


Free Food Project

Once a week, Pine River Shares provides free groceries to those who want them. No proof of income or any other information is required.


Clothing Unit

Our clothing unit gives residents of the Pine River Valley the opportunity to share gently used clothes. If there’s clothing you’re looking for or clothing you’d like to give away, this is the place!


Community Dinners

Come to a Pine River Shares Community Dinner. Bring your family or come alone, meet your neighbors, and get involved!

Constituent Led Programs

We believe the people most affected by a problem are the most qualified to solve it.

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